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Creative Design

Marketing Logistics

Digital Business Solutions

Event Management

Our creative skills range from brand development through to packaging creative, consumer promotions and marketing campaigns.

We have the experience to
deliver creative solutions on
time and on budget.

Be sustainable and save money!
It sounds simple, but so much money is simply wasted because you don't know your marketing material is out of date.

Set automated re-order quantities, never run out and miss a sales opportunity. Our comprehensive online ordering and reporting system helps you work smarter and is ready to use now.

Increase your speed to market
and manage your brand with our digital asset management,
art approval, template art to print and logistics online tools.

All served on our secure high speed fibre network.

Talk to us about a trial.

Online calendars, material set up and broken down anywhere in New Zealand, cleaned and stored ready for another event.

Manage brand and control –
all with a smile.


Our Vision

Our History

Our Values

To continually develop our business to meet
the business needs of our clients and become an integral, trusted part of their team.

We began as a Print and Packaging
management consultancy. Our business has grown to encompass all aspects of retail marketing and more.

Our culture is partnering internal and external.

Meet Our Team

As creative partners we offer a vast experience in how to get it right, first time, from creative design to arranging the impossible delivery.
My team are the best.

After 27 years we have seen almost all trends and that gives
us an edge.

Bill McSherry
Bill McSherry

Managing Director


T: (09) 622 4932

M: 021 624 100

Email Bill McSherry

My vast experience has covered

sales, marketing, logistics, finance and management in the agricultural, fishing, food and electronics industries. Thisᅠ varied background has certainly kept life interesting and an ongoing learning process. This ᅠhas proved valuable in helping clients to “sell more” from strategic through to practical levels.

Chris Danielson
Chris Danielson (BBS)

Marketing Director


T: (09) 622 4935

M: 021 624 102

Email Chris Danielson

As a creative with years of experience in Brand, Retail and Shopper Marketing agencies,

I’ve brought many campaigns, products and services to market. Managing the process from ideation right through to communications across multiple channels, I have a real passion to drive customer engagement, change and ultimately sales. Every challenge that’s thrown my way, I see as an opportunity.

Lance Pennington
Lance Pennington

Creative Account Manager


T: (09) 394 1242

M: 021 624 598

Email Lance Pennington

From packaging design to trade promotions, our creative team delivers with one goal in mind - results for the client.

I'm a firm believer in layout pads and marker pens to convey an idea, then bringing those ideas to life with the latest technology. With over 25 years' experience in the UK and NZ, there's not a lot that I haven't experienced!

Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson

Senior Creative


T: (09) 622 4936

M: 021 650 106

Email Paul Hanson

I'm a tenacious problem solver and bring a vibrant approach to our team and clients.

My diverse background in advertising and print gives me a great knowledge base to draw from.

I have a love of the outdoors especially the ocean, you will always find me catching the waves.

Merenia Gilbert
Merenia Gilbert

Account Manager


T: (09) 622 4933

M: 021 664 346

Email Merenia Gilbert

Steve has over 20 years experience in senior marketing roles with Nestle,

NZ Post, Firth and Sealord across franchise, FMCG, retail, B2B and online business channels.

He helps our clients to add value across every area of their marketing mix, from strategy to media and comms planning, new product development, events, promotions, digital marketing and ecommerce.

Steve Sutherland
Steve Sutherland

Marketing Services Manager


T: (09) 622 4930

M: 0275 754 430

Email Steve Sutherland

With over 16 years of experience in the printing industry, ranging from graphic design to print business management, I am your point of call in procurement and production, delivering on time and to a budget.

In my free time I am a Dutch Golden Age style artist. I can also be found trekking with my camera, looking for a wonderful sunset shot.

Irina Savastyuk
Irina Savastyuk

Production Manager


T: (09) 622 4931

M: 021 624 134

Email Irina Savastyuk

I have a wealth of knowledge
and experience regarding our Logistics operation.
I run a tight ship and work above and beyond the call of duty to deliver our clients what they need, where they need it and when they need it.

Sam Danielson
Sam Danielson

Logistics & Events Manager


T: (09) 622 4939

M: 021 624 160

Email Sam Danielson


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