Paddock to Pantry

Client: Kennerley Gourmet Grocery Ltd

Project: Launch new premium country store

Involvement: Brand naming and creative development, external and internal signage creative, advertising and artwork.

Our client came to us with a request to totally rebrand the iconic Karaka country store they now owned that had seen better days. Working closely with our clients who were themselves locals, we established the personality of the new store and how they wanted this to be reflected.

One challenge for the name and all new branding, was it had to be in keeping with the rustic natural of the store while having a more gourmet feel that didn’t put off the store’s existing valued customers. A number of names and designs were explored before settling on a memorable name and iconic device.

The other was the store’s location on a busy country road, meaning any branding needed to be instantly identifiable to become a destination for locally and visitors alike looking for meal solutions, fresh produce or an ice cream.

Once launched, the rebrand became an instant success for the locals and owners with turnover doubling as the new store became the talk of Karaka. With the branding inside and out delivering the desired results, the owners now have an eye on the future for brand expansion.

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