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Silverton Estate

Client: Silverton Estate

Project: Branding and packaging

Involvement: Brand development, packaging design
and artwork.

After 10 years of providing high quality grapes to some of NZ’s biggest wine brands, our client wanted to branch out and create a brand of their own. We identified their distinctive ‘Terroir’ - land topography and climate, as a key feature to set the brand apart.

To create a premium brand that stood out on shelf and referenced the wine’s quality origins, a clear design, channel sales and pricing strategy was implemented.

Silverton Estate was born, with a label that stylised the unique soil profile of limestone, red tephra and clay, with silver lines representing the clear waters of the Tutaekuri River.

We created ‘Moteo Terroir’ to showcase the wider Bordeaux-esque microclimate to support  other local vineyards in the area to enable a shared marketing investment long term.

The result has been the brand commands a 68% price premium to our client’s original expectations and their reputation and sales are growing rapidly.

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