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Keeping Z on the move

•  18 year relationship with Shell/Z Energy

•  Deal with Head Office staff, retailers and individual stations

•  Work in Design, Production of all materials, Logistics, Events and Electronic solutions

•  Audit the whole network as to Brand and functional considerations, usually every 2 years

•  Strong drive on sustainability and providing better solutions to achieve goals in this area

•  Work with other Z agencies to provide the best outcomes for the business

•  Execution experts, how to activate all the ideas at retail level to grow sales

•  Strong feedback process to help better future decision making

•  Regular innovation presentations on global trends and new technology opportunities

When Z needed a hero, DPP answered the call. Blokhedz was one of Z's largest and most successful campaigns two years in a row, running across 6 weeks. It required a high level of organisation from printing point of sale (POS) material & the distribution of over 4 million Blokhedz.

We received 6 large shipping containers from China that had to be stored in our warehouse and filled it to the brim! The promotion was quoted, printed and stored under a shroud of secrecy. It was imperative that everything remained confidential before hitting the market. This way we could help our client make a statement on the go live date.

We managed the Blokhedz distribution based on site storage capabilities,
as every Z site is slightly different, and on sales figures. The challenge was we had to make sure no-one ran out of anything. Z trusted us to do this and we had weekly work in progress meetings, reporting back on inventory and scanned data. It ran smoothly.

To help add some pow factor we dressed up 10 hero sites
around the country with extra point of sale that included
pump wraps, large door super hero door decals.

For our superhero performance, we were gifted a large
Golden Blokhed that has pride of place in our office.

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