Events & Installation

Events offer an important brand opportunity for companies aligned with activities that will give them growth in brand recognition and sales.

We work with a number of companies to manage these throughout NZ with our network of staff and installers around the country.
Design and manufacturing capabilities for all event items. We have H & S compliance for most major NZ venues for sports, concerts and
shopping malls as legislation including H & S, food certification, electrical certification are now having a major impact on event activations.
We have extensive storage facilities for event material in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.





Design Print Partners have a Design Engineer and Graphic Designers on-hand to create designs based on Quality/Cost/Time to provide the best possible solutions. The items can be one-offs or multi-use for long term if required.

We also design vehicles with generic presentation that can easily be changed out by brand using a mixture of graphics, magnetic and electronic signage.





This a 24 hour operation depending on the nature of the event. Material is coded so requirements are packed efficiently with accurate planning and tracking of all items, as well as managing transport to events at the most effective time and cost, as a lot of event material needs special consideration.

A critical part of our service is also understanding and managing requirements from Councils, malls including getting permits and we can adapt to larger ranges of requests if needed.



Take down


Materials are collected from sites and returned to Design Print Partners in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, cleaned and repaired where required then everything is prepared to be ready for the next event.

On-going feedback is provided to clients and some items are even shared between clients for cost and material benefits.

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