Marketing & Sales Logistics

We started our specialised Marketing and Sales Logistics system following recognition of
how much of this material was wasted and not used for purpose.

Internally developed software was focused on providing sales and marketing information as opposed to warehousing and transport information to ensure better performance and accountability of material. Software and process has been continuously developed to make best use of technology and global trends.


ft2 of warehouse




delivery points



orders per annum


Get online with Logistix24/7

Logistix is our unique, customisable online portal for ordering and managing your material, empowers you to effectively control the knowledge aspect of stock movement and stock levels.

It's designed to streamline stock management, providing complete visibility on orders and stock through the supply chain. You and your team can order as you would shop online with a simple shopping basket and easy dispatch manager.

Don't worry - No special training is required, Logistix is easy to use.

•  Slick, simple tool for accessing stock

•  Multiple levels of control and approval settings

•  Emailed low and out of stock notifications

•  Real time updates of any given orders' current status

•  Logistix is linked to our transport providers' Track and Trace systems

•  Emails updating you on trigger levels, reorder levels and zero stock levels

•  Smart system designed to integrate with your business and accounting software

Logistix Online Logistics Management Image

User Functions

  • Secure login
  • Only view products they have access to
  • Keyword search/sort product display order
  • Saved orders and view saved orders
  • View past orders
  • Create distribution list
  • Manage user preferences
  • Pop up notices at login (promos/upcoming events)
  • Inquiry Form
  • Out of stock/Back in stock product notifications

Real Time Reporting

  • A variety of management reports at your fingers including;
  • Inventory Reports - all products including stock levels
  • Out of Stock Reports - when products went out of stock and for how long, how many users requested the product while out of stock
  • Most Ordered Products - Quantities and Revenue
  • Least Ordered Products - Quantities and Revenue
  • User Login Statistics
  • User Order Statistics - what users ordered what and when, compare users and order trends
  • All reports come with a variety of sorting, date range and graphing functions
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